Undercover by Pete Yorn.

I’ve liked this song since day 1. My mom once knew a guy that worked at a record company and he gave her CD’s for me to listen to. One of them was a compilation album called Cheap Date which had a great mix of tracks. This song was included. Without that album, I’m pretty sure I never would have found this great song…

Undercover was released on Pete’s third full-length studio album, Nightcrawler, in 2006. The album itself went to #50 on the Billboard 200 as well as #17 on Rock Albums and #13 on Digital Albums.

I remember my friends and I used to laugh because the singer reminded us of a guy I had a crush on around the time the song came out. It’s hard to see his face in the video so click HERE for another photo from his previous album. That’s pretty much what my “crush” looked like in college.

It’s difficult to interpret all the lyrics because there is a discrepancy as to how accurate they are online. Some of the verses don’t make sense and this isn’t a song he performs too often. It seems to describe a friendship between a man and a woman that has grown to something more. However, there is doubt from the girl who maybe doesn’t think it can work.


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