Forever by John Stamos (Beach Boys Cover).

Did you watch Full House growing up? If so, you’ll remember this song. Jesse (John Stamos) sang it to Rebecca (Lori Loughlin) at their wedding. Later on, Jesse and his band, The Rippers, were signed by the fictional record company, Fat Fish Music, and this video was created for the show.

I completely forgot about this track until I watched the wedding scene on You Tube last night. It actually made me a little teary eyed. I always loved Jesse and Rebecca growing up, they were good role models for what a loving relationship should be. To see the wedding clip, click HERE. There’s also short photo montage of them as kids and young teenagers.

Forever was originally released by The Beach Boys on their album, Sunflower in February of 1971. It was written by Dennis Wilson and his friend Gregg Jakobson. Listen to their version HERE. The video above features the backing vocals of The Beach Boys with John as lead.

What version do you prefer?


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