Right Kind of Love by Quarterflash.

I found a list of songs I made for the blog yesterday and this happened to be on it. I don’t remember hearing it before so I’m not sure where I found it. After pulling it up on Youtube, I realized how much I can relate to the lyrics. Have you ever been in a relationship where you’re just not getting enough emotion from the other person? You don’t always feel loved or cared about? That’s what today’s song is about.

Right Kind of Love was released as a single in July of 1982 from the band’s self-titled debut album. It spent eight weeks on the chart only making #56 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The album itself was more successful, making #8 on the US Top 200.

The lyrics describe a relationship where the woman knows the man loves her but he doesn’t show it too often. She talks about the importance of affection and romance.

Above is a live video from Solid Gold in 1982.

Give me the right kind of love, oh baby, give me the right kind of love. Give me the right kind of love, and I’ll be yours tonight. I’ll be yours.


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