Love Shoulda Brought You Home by Toni Braxton.

I just don’t understand men at all sometimes. Toni Braxton doesn’t either, at least when she sang this song. So often girlfriend’s are put on the back burner, ironically at times they need him most. This particular song references cheating but I’m talking about being put last to everything. Then the guy turns around and says how much he loves her…but if that was true, how come he always puts her last? Maybe he doesn’t love her that much after all. Even if my experiences don’t deal with cheating, the title of the song still puts the knife in the coffin when it comes to the overall point – Love Shoulda Brought You Home.

Love Shoulda Brought You Home was the first solo single released by Toni in May of 1992. It was recorded for the soundtrack of Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry. The lyrics were written by Babyface, Daryl Simmons, and Bo Watson. The single was later included on her debut solo album, Toni Braxton, in July of 1993.

It placed at #4 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs as well as #33 on the Hot 100. It also went to #33 on the UK Singles chart. Above is the audio and album artwork.


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