‘Til I Get Over You by Michelle Branch.

As I was trying to think of a song for today’s entry, the words “get over you” came to mind. I knew I was remembering a song somehow. Surprisingly, I couldn’t figure out what it was, only that it was a female singer. I had to search for it and then I was like, yeah…I should have known this. I haven’t listened to this song in at least eight years but I know exactly why I thought of it…

‘Til I Get Over You was released from Michelle’s second album, Hotel Paper, in June of 2003. Though it looks like the song was a single, I couldn’t find any mention of it on American or Canadian charts. However, the art work in the video above indicates it was definitely released. The album itself went to #2 on Billboard’s 200 and sold 157,000 copies during its first week. It went Gold in both Canada and Japan as well as Platinum in the United States.

The song describes walking away from a relationship because there’s no other choice. The man never put enough effort into the relationship and the girl gave up…no matter if she still had feelings for him. Love really hurts sometimes.


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