Baby Love by The Supremes.

I bet a lot of people who listened to this song were reminded of an old flame. I can picture a girl in the 60’s putting the vinyl on and crying over a break-up. Some people may listen to the song today and are reminded of joyful times growing up in the 60’s. Maybe others imagine reuniting with someone they loved after a long time apart. What do you think about?

Baby Love was released as a single in September of 1964 from the trio’s second album, Where Did Our Love Go. It took the #1 spot on the pop singles chart in both the United States and United Kingdom concurrently. Rolling Stone magazine also voted it #324 in their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

Above is a live performance from Top of the Pops.

Oh baby love, my baby love I need you, oh how I need you. But all you do is treat me bad. Break my heart and leave me sad. Tell me, what did I do wrong to make you stay away so long?


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