Voices Carry (Acoustic) by Aimee Mann.

I already wrote about the 1985 version of Voices Carry back in April of 2011. But 20 years later, iTunes asked Aimee if she’d come in and record an acoustic version of some of her hits. Thankfully, someone suggested this song and a beautiful new rendition was made…

To give you a little background on the song, it was probably written in ’84 at the latest. The band was already playing it at gigs around their hometown of Boston prior to being signed. The lyrics originally told the story of two women and at some point, were changed as some of their early songs were. The lyrics are credited to all members of the band.

The acoustic version takes the song to an indie-soft rock feel but it still has all the power that the original had to pull on your heart strings. I’m really glad this was recorded. To hear the original version, click HERE.

Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t appear to have this “iTunes Originals” session anymore. Not sure why but it’s a definite shame.

Hush, hush, keep it down now….voices carry.


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