Family Man by Fleetwood Mac.

Family Man…haha. This song scared me when I was little because of the edited back up vocals in the chorus. It sounded like a cassette tape on it’s last life. Same with Stevie’s vocal towards the end. My roommate and I laughed at the song in college and during our lip syncing video days, we covered the song for the fun of it. I was Stevie with the gypsy clothing and long hair, she was Lindsey, afro and all (though obviously he had cut his curly locks at that point).

To my surprise, Family Man was actually a single! Wow! It was released in December of 1987 in the UK, and in March of 1988 in the US. It went to #90 on Billboard’s Hot 100, #23 on Adult Contemporary, and to #54 on the UK Singles Chart. It also made the Top 40 in Germany and the Netherlands.

Strangely enough, I can’t find an official music video on You Tube anywhere. Does anyone know if there actually was one? Above is the audio with it’s corresponding album, Tango in the Night.


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