Talking in Your Sleep by The Romantics

The Romantics might not be well-known by name because they only had two familiar hits in their career: “What I Like About You” and today’s track, “Talking in Your Sleep.” Ironically enough, Talking in Your Sleep was their only Top 10 hit, while What I Like About You, which is heard on the radio more often, didn’t even make the Top 50.

Talking in Your Sleep was released as a single in 1983, and went to #3 on the Billboard charts in February of 1984. It was included on their fourth album, In Heat, pictured in the video above. It also went to #3 on the Hot Dance Club play chart. Overseas, it went to #14 in Australia.

Frontman Jimmy Marinos talks about the song, “That was the last song recorded for the album. All we had was a backtrack, the instrumental part of the song. And we realized it was too good a track to leave unfinished. So everybody put their heads together, and in a couple of days, we finished up the song melodically and lyrically.”

The lyrics describe a woman who professes her love for the singer during her sleep.

Here’s some trivia: They got “The Romantics” idea for their band name because they formed on Valentine’s Day.



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