Lifeboats by Snow Patrol.

I don’t think Snow Patrol is as popular as they once were. Chasing Cars swept the world by storm, the album, Eyes Open, did fairly well. However, we just don’t hear them like we used to. Don’t you think?

Part of it had to do with their music style change. They sorta left their pop-rock roots and added a little more electronic to the mix. Sure, it may have drawn in a new audience but what did the old listeners think?

Lifeboats was released on the band’s fifth album, A Hundred Million Suns, in October of 2008. It never became a single but the album itself produced five singles for the band. They would go on to release a compilation album in 2009, a sixth studio album (Fallen Empires) in 2011, and a Greatest Hits in 2012.

In my opinion, A Hundred Million Suns would probably be my favorite album from the band. Fallen Empires just didn’t stay with me. Above is the audio of Lifeboats and the album cover.

And when I wake you’re there, I’m saved
Your love is life piled tight and high set against the sky
That seems to balance on its own


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