Rooms on Fire by Stevie Nicks.

I listened to Stevie Nicks a lot during my junior year of college. I automatically think of one particular person that was in my life at that time. It wasn’t a great year of my life either but I know I’m a lot stronger than I was then. Anyways, upon reading Stevie’s explanation of the song lyrics I realize it also reminds me of someone in my life now. It’s ironic how old songs come back around again reminding you of someone else.

Rooms on Fire was released as a single in April of 1989 from Stevie’s fourth album, The Other Side of the Mirror. It went to #16 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and also become her first ever Top 40 hit, placing at #16 as well.

Stevie described the song in 1989: “Rooms on Fire is about a girl who goes through a life like I have gone through, where she finally accepts the idea that there never will be those other things in her life. She will never be married, she will never have children, she will never do those [that] part of life.”

Fellow musician Rupert Hine produced this album. He contributed to the soundtrack of the 1985 film, Better Off Dead starring John Cusack.

Above is the official music video for Rooms on Fire. The baby dressed in white is her goddaughter.


Talking in Your Sleep by The Romantics

The Romantics might not be well-known by name because they only had two familiar hits in their career: “What I Like About You” and today’s track, “Talking in Your Sleep.” Ironically enough, Talking in Your Sleep was their only Top 10 hit, while What I Like About You, which is heard on the radio more often, didn’t even make the Top 50.

Talking in Your Sleep was released as a single in 1983, and went to #3 on the Billboard charts in February of 1984. It was included on their fourth album, In Heat, pictured in the video above. It also went to #3 on the Hot Dance Club play chart. Overseas, it went to #14 in Australia.

Frontman Jimmy Marinos talks about the song, “That was the last song recorded for the album. All we had was a backtrack, the instrumental part of the song. And we realized it was too good a track to leave unfinished. So everybody put their heads together, and in a couple of days, we finished up the song melodically and lyrically.”

The lyrics describe a woman who professes her love for the singer during her sleep.

Here’s some trivia: They got “The Romantics” idea for their band name because they formed on Valentine’s Day.


Under the Milky Way by The Church.

When you ask someone, “Have you ever listened to a band called The Church?” or “Do you know the song ‘Under the Milky Way’?” Chances are they will say, “no” and “no.” But play the song for them and depending on their age, they’ll might just say, “Oh, I know that song!”

The Church is a four member group that formed in Australia in 1980. In February of 1988, they released an album called Starfish which made it’s way to United States and captured instant success with today’s featured song, Under the Milky Way. The single went to #24 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and even won an ARIA award for “Single of the Year” in 1989.

The lyrics were written by frontman and bassist, Steve Kilbey and his then-girlfriend Karin Jansson. Steve did an interview with the Great Australian Songbook about the song, click HERE to see what he says about it.

Above is a live performance of the song from 2010. To see the official video, click HERE.