Jump Jive An’ Wail by the Brian Setzer Orchestra

Brian Setzer is one bad ass mutha. Period. When he first came on to the scene with the Stray Cats in the early ’80s, he looked like a wannabe ’50s greaser. Turns out though this guy lives and breathes what he does and is without a doubt, for real. How in the hell he plays those Gretch guitars at top volume without getting a squealing mess of feedback, I don’t know because that’s all I ever seem to get from them at high volumes. He doesn’t just play them though. He flat out tears them up. Everything about Brian Setzer represents a good time for everyone. The man plays big band music, he does not reproduce it! This particular song is a toe tapping hand clapping masterpiece played by a band that is having one hell of a time doing it. Jump Jive An’ Wail…says it all!