No More by Three Days Grace.

Three Days Grace…not really in a good place right now. When the news broke that Adam Gontier had abruptly left the band last week, fans were scratching their heads and saying, “What? What just happened here?”

The details are still emerging but one things for sure, it will never be the same. Life Starts Now will forever remain my favorite album. Adam stated that his struggles in the band started two years ago which is not long after this album was released. Their newest album, Transit of Venus, seemed to be missing an element to me…and apparently Adam might have felt the same way.

No More was released on Life Starts Now in September of 2009. The song itself wasn’t a single but the album did very well, debuting at #3 on the Billboard 200. The lyrics describe an overwhelming sense of fear and wanting to get away from it.

I wonder what the fate of Three Days Grace will be now…


Chalk Outline by Three Days Grace.

Finally, Three Days Grace will have a new album in the beginning of October. Today’s featured song is their first single. I have to say, these guys are probably my favorite band. I love Adam’s lyrics because I can always relate to them. I’d really love to meet him someday.

Chalk Outline was released in August of 2012 from the band’s upcoming fourth release, Transit of Venus. It charted at  #11 on Billboard’s Rock Songs,  #2o on Alternative Songs, and  #68 on Canadian charts.

Like many of their songs, the lyrics describe unhappiness with a relationship and feeling betrayed. This particular track describes being left behind and knowing that the other person will someday feel regret for what they did.

Your Last Song by The Scorpions.

Relationships are hard. Sometimes they don’t make sense, sometimes the pieces fit together like they’re meant to be there. Sometimes a tough road lies ahead and you have to decide whether you’re willing to take it for the long haul. Sometimes there’s things about people which can’t be changed and you either live with it or walk away. One things for sure, it’s sad to realize when something may not work out the way you thought it would. Today’s song captures that…

Your Last Song was released in August of 2007 from the band’s sixteenth album, Humanity Hour I. The album only produced one single, Humanity, which has been used as the intro of NHL’s Minnesota Wild since it’s release. The album went to #63 on the Billboard 200. It was most successful in Greece, charting at #1.