I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues by Elton John.

I’m not really a fan of Elton John’s music but I was reading lyrics about long distance relationships and this one came up. The guy in my life is a little more positive than I am about the distance and it reminded me of things he’s said to me. Now that I can relate to this song, I have a new found respect for it.

I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues was released as a single in April of 1983 from Elton’s 17th studio album, Too Low for Zero. He wrote the music and the lyrics were written by Bernie Taupin and Davey Johnstone. It also features Stevie Wonder on harmonica.

The single charted at #4 on Billboard’s Hot 100, #5 in the UK and #1 on Canada’s Adult Contemporary.

Taupin wrote the lyrics about his wife at the time, Toni Russo, sister of actress Renee Russo. In the album credits, he wrote “Hey Toni, this one’s for you.”


Holding Back the Years by Simply Red.

I was a little surprised when I saw this music video. The singer didn’t look like what I expected at all! I don’t know what I really expected…shorter hair and maybe a suit. I don’t know. This guy looks like he was using the same hair products as The Cure’s Robert Smith. Oh well, it was the 80’s…

Holding Back the Years was released as a single in 1985 from the band’s debut album, Picture Book. It was their most successful single, charting at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #2 in the UK after a re-release.

Frontman Mick Hucknall wrote the song when he was 17 while living with his father, his mother had walked out when he was only 3. He originally recorded it with a previous band, The Frantic Elevators, in 1979.

The lyrics describe the realization that time is easily wasted if you let sadness get the best of you. Even though it’s tough, you have to find a way to keep moving forward.