Closer to Free by BoDeans.

I don’t know about you, but every time I hear this song I think of the intro to Party of Five. In fact, it was the use of this song in the show that gave the Bodeans their biggest hit. Can you think of any other songs by them? Unfortunately, I can’t either.

Closer to Free was released as a single in 1996, an actual re-release, after gaining popularity because of Party of Five which ran from 1994-2000. The single peaked at #16 on Billboard’s Hot 100. It is featured on their fifth album, Go Slow Down. It also appeared in the 1995 Disney film Heavyweights, starring Aaron Schwartz and Ben Stiller.

The lyrics are upbeat, discussing the idea that everyone wants to be free – to live the way they want, love the way they want, and have an enjoyable life.

Above is the official music video. To watch the Party of Five intro, click HERE.



Moon River by Audrey Hepburn.

If you’ve ever seen Breakfast At Tiffany’s, you know this song. You even remember the scene when she sings it too. The first time I saw this film was in September of 2012. It was during my stay in Ireland and it happened to be on television one late afternoon. I had only caught the ending of it and so I watched it later when I returned home. Audrey was another special star we got to see, she’ll never be forgotten.

Moon River was composed by Henry Mancini and written by Johnny Mercer. It received an Academy Award in 1961 for Best Original Song from Audrey’s performance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The song was written specifically for Audrey’s vocal range and used as the theme song for the movie. An instrumental can be heard right when the film begins.

Many other artists have recorded this song as well. These include: Jerry Butler, Aretha Franklin, Ann-Margaret, Paul Anka, Johnny Mathis, Rod Stewart, The Killers, and R.E.M. among many others.

Above is the audio.

:EDIT: I just decided to pull up Audrey’s Wikipedia page. For some reason, I felt like her birthday was coming up though I had no idea when it was. It’s tomorrow…Wow. Happy Birthday, Audrey.

Tenderness by General Public.

Today’s song was played in the closing scenes of the 1995 movie, Clueless starring Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, and Brittany Murphy. I watched the movie earlier this afternoon. If only the singer didn’t look so creepy in this screenshot…(It was the only video I could find on You Tube.)

Tenderness was released as a single in May of 1984 from the band’s debut album, All the Rage. The lyrics are self-explanatory, a man searching for tenderness and love in his life.

The single went to #27 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and to #11 in Canada. Above is the official music video. Aside from being included on the Clueless soundtrack, it was also in the 1985 movie, Weird Science.

Coincidentally, this band was signed to the same record label as the group in my previous entry. Small world…