Caroline by Fleetwood Mac.

Today’s song choice was completely random. I debated on writing an entry tonight because I’m still coming to terms with the news about Davy. I felt like I needed to leave the blog alone for a while to pay tribute, to bring peace. But we all must move forward, no matter how difficult it can be. The music must go on…

Fleetwood Mac’s 14th studio album, Tango in the Night, is very interesting to me. Their track Seven Wonders (both the song & video) bring feelings of moving forward & making life changes within the band. But songs like Little Lies dive into the devious world of relationships and drama. Caroline is the same way, but with a sense of urgency and frustration. Basically, this is an album filled with all sorts of emotions…maybe it goes well with the album title.

Caroline was released in April of 1987 but it never became a single. The album had six singles total and it’s actually surprising this wasn’t one of them. The lyrics were written by Lindsey Buckingham about his ex-girlfriend Carol Anne Harris. Harris released a memoir, Storms: My Life with Lindsay Buckingham & Fleetwood Mac, in 2007 which I’ve actually read. If you’re into the music scene & relationships, look around for it.


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