Yesterday by ‘Til Tuesday

Another unreleased gem from this fabulous 80’s band. Aimee talks about this song at the beginning of the video. She says it’s about waking up and your old friend “misery” has finally left you. I can relate to the lyrics in another way too, it reminds me of a friend I had in Canada.

The mp3 for this track surfaced on the internet shortly after we stopped talking. This person was really negative in some ways, taking things way too personally. Even worse than me. (If you know me well, you know I’m a pretty sensitive person.) Talking to them sometimes brought me down and it got to a point where the friendship was no longer beneficial to me in any way. Most days this “old friend” made me feel worse…on top of all the stuff I had been dealing with for over a year now. And nothing was changing.

I love the music in this song a lot. Above is a live performance from 1987. It was written prior to the release of their third and final album, Everything’s Different Now.


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